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Why choosing Dentaturism Center Program


Dentaturism Center program provides an integrated system in which the patient is no longer forced to go from radiology to dental office, than to the dental technician or to the surgery or orthodontist. In this way, the patients can benefit of all type of modern treatments available today closelly assisted by a team of dental ceramists which in any second can come and see your case and choose the right color, while you are seating comfortable in dental chair.


During the treatment, transportation from the airport, the hotel and the clinic is FREE, is a feature that is included in the services offered by the Dentaturism Center program. In addition, once you arrived in Cluj-Napoca, you will receive a mobile phone through which you can always keep in touch 24 hours from 24 directly to our medical staff, for any problem or need that might appear. Also the clinic staff has English, French, Italian and Spanish skills.


Dentaturism Center program it is developed into a clinic which is known internationally, hundreds of Italians, French, Spanish, Dutch, British, Americans, and many others are visiting Cluj-Napoca every year for a dental treatment. Stomestet dental clinic has a modern endowment, latest technology, doctors and specialists in many fields with more than 15 years experience who have made more than 600 implant treatments last year.

What patients say about the quality of Dentaturism Center program

10.07.2014 - Giovanni Manzi Ascoli Piceno, Italia

5.07.2014 - Antonio Angotzi Sardegna, Italia

2.07.2014 - Diaconu Lumezzane, Italia

26.06.2014 - Josep Masjuan Capell Barcelona, Cataluña
El señor Josep desde Barcelona, Spain a finalizado la primera fase del tratamiento. Nos vemos en septiembre para poner ‪coronas‬ sobre ‪implantes‬.
25.03.2014 - Liliana Dumitriu Bologna, Italia
Grazie tanto per accoglienza e gentilezza del tutto personale. Grazie anche per la professionalità.
22.03.2014 - Pilar Sarasate San Sebastián, España
Pilar, mis más felicitaciones al equipo por ser tan profesionales y amables. Vengo de España y estoy muy contenta con el trabajo hecho. Espero volver y recomendar a los amigos y conocidos para que vuelvan a esta clínica, no sé cómo dar las gracias por todo.
10.03.2014 - Niar Djamila Paris, France
Je suis venue de France sans trop connaitre mais le cabinet aurrait une bonne réputation sur le net. Le dentiste Florin est enseignant à l’université. Et bien, j’ai vraiment de la chance. Le travail est impeccable !!! L’équipe séreuse et ton le monde est aux petits souris Une mention spéciale à Josef qui me transporte par tout et qui est vraiment à l’ecoute de mes besoins. Je pense revenir ici en cas de besoin et je n’hésiterai pas à faire savoir la valeur de ce cabinet. Amicalement Djamila Niar
10.12.2013 - José Luis Castrillón Chapela Vigo, España
Doy muchas gracias a este equipo de profesionales por el trabajo magnifico que me hicieron y por el trato personal. Si alguien tiene dudas o quiere más información acerca de este programa dental, aquí dejo mi e-mail sin ningún tipo de compromiso:
Ana Goje Italia
Ciao, sono stata in cura alla Dentaturism e sono rimasta piacevolmente sorpresa dalla cortesia, l'igiene e la perfetta organizzazione. Le cure che o fatto sono state complesse e varie (impianti,corone etc) e devo dire che adesso, dopo anni di sofferenze sono tornata a sorridere. La mia testimonianza vuole essere anche un GRAZIE di cuore a tutta l'equipe. Auguri!
Dominique Glaub Seattle, USA
I was very pleased with the dental treatment I received at Dentaturism in Cluj-Napoca. I would highly recommended it to anyone who is in search of clinic offering highly professional services at an affordable price. The dental work I received consisted of many crowns, bridges and an extraction and was completed in less than a week. I was properly sedated at all times and any tooth in need of a crown was thorougly treated prior to adding the crown. The staff was very friendly, caring and professional; everything was done to make sure that I felt comfortable and relaxed while receiving treatment. My brother-in-law, who is a retired and experienced dental prosthesist was very much impressed with the work as all my teeth looked very nice and above of all natural!My stay was also a very pleasant experience; I felt very safe and well taken care of from the moment I arrived at the airport to the moment I was dropped-off at the airport to go back home. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this experience!
Maria Luz Lopez La Rioja, España
nuestras impresiones y agrado con la programa Dentaturism en Cluj Napoca son 100% positivas, soy española y fui hacerme ocho implantes y su correspondiente aparato, todo ello en tres viajes y en todos ellos el trato ha sido muy correcto y el trabajo muy profesional, todos los que han colaborado y participado en mi caso han sido muy muy profesionales.lo mismo mi hijo que se hizo varias caries, todo perfecto.sin mas solo decir que recomiendo sin pensar ir a esta clinica a realizarse cualquier tratamiento dental porque en mi caso he quedado muy satisfecha.para cualquier duda o intriga o si quereis que os contacte con ellos no dudeis en poneros en contacto conmigo, aqui dejo mi e-mail sin ningun tipo de compromiso de nuevo gracias a centro dentaturism.
Carmen New-York, USA
I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my decision to have my dental work done in Dentaturism Center. The facilities at are first class and the doctors are personable and professional.The experience was excellent and more than I expected. The dental office staff were excellent, caring and efficient. Of course the cost of dental implants and services was very cheap. I was sedated and implants were done as well as an extraction. The dentists were awesome. I was devestated about my teeth and now I am excited to be able to get implants at affordable price and quality. I will refer anyone needing dental work for an dental treatment.Overall I would say Dentaturism Center is probably the best dental program that I ever get and I am extremely fussy!

The most economic metal-ceramic, all-ceramic, implants crowns and dentures

Metal-ceramica crown Cr-Co

Metal-ceramica crown Cr-Co

Price for a metal-ceramic crown: 180 €/tooth

Full ceramic crown

Full ceramic crown

Price all ceramic crown: 250 €/tooth

Zirconium crown

Zirconium crown

Price for a zirconium crown: 250 €/tooth

All on 4 treatment

All on 4 treatment

Price "All on 4": 3000 €/arch
Price "All on 6": 4400 €/arch

The best treatment with MIS dental implants 

The treatment with implants is carried out in 2 or 3 phases, according to the characteristics and particularities of each case.The dental implant is made of 2 components:

The titanium screw

titanthis represents the body of the implant and it is inserted into the bone as an artificial root for the tooth.

The abutment + Crown

abutmentThe abutment connects the crown with the titanium screw, all together perform the functions of natural teeth

Total 550 €

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Dentaturism Center program step-by-step guide, from completing the estimation form to the last consultation and returning home


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