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General questions

You can save money if you make a dental treatment in Cluj-Napoca, Romania because of the prices applied here compared to those in Europe or United States. Also you can combine the dental treatment with a mini vacation, Cluj-Napoca is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe being permanently a touristic center of attraction thanks to the monuments belonging to the historical past, the rich cultural-scientific activities and thanks to the notoriety of the Botanical Garden, the second most important in Europe. Dentaturism Center program it is developed into a clinic which is known internationally, hundreds of Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, British, American, and many others are visiting Cluj-Napoca/Romania every year for a dental treatment at Dentaturism Center. At the same time, Cluj-Napoca is a national and international recognized and respected university center, and Dental Medicine Department of Babes-Bolyay University is one of the most appreciated in Europe , and is frequented by many foreign students.
The crowns, dental bridges or dental implants are 3-4 times more expensive in a clinic from Europe or USA than in our country. Save thousands of euro/ dollars even if you have to take into consideration the cost of accommodation and transportation in Romania to Cluj-Napoca.
Dentaturism Center program provides an integrated system in which the patient is no longer forced to go from radiology to dental office, than to the dental technician or to the surgery or orthodontist. In this way, practically the coast of the trips necessary for this treatments and procedures was eliminated, and the low price of utilities (water, electricity, gas) completes this integrated system and contributes significantly to maintaining this low and so accessible prices, so you can save money.
Through this program you can benefit from all kind of modern treatments which are available at this hour thanks to our doctors which are specialists in several fields: -general dentistry - implantology - surgery - orthodontics - aesthetic dentistry
The clinic is fitted with high quality appliances, we are using high quality materials and last generation equipments, in accordance with the European standards. In order to provide a treatment to current modern dentistry European standards we purchased last generation equipment with which we fitted 4 separate treatment offices with 4 A-DEC(USA) American units, a lamp for one hour chairside bleaching: ZOOM(Discus, USA) lamp, Swiss and Austrian appliances (Nouvag, Switzerland; W&H, Austria) for surgical applying of the implants; Oraltronics(USA) implants, radiology equipment (Satelec, France) , 2 apex locator (Nouvag and Maillefer, both from Switzerland), Micro Mega (France) rotary instruments for root canal preparation and filling in endodontic treatments; Lancer Orthodontics, USA- American instruments and accessories for fix orthodontic treatments, Swiss made (EMS, Switzerland) scaling and prophylaxis professional equipment, Nikon SLR digital camera used for documenting and discussing the case. a decdental wings canadaemsvenusheraeusivoclarlaserdentalancerlogomaillefermicro meganouvagmelagnobelbiocareopalescenceoraltronicssatelecphilips zoomvitawh intenational
Our dentists specialists have a very good reputation for their high qualification, expertise and professional experience so that their accreditations are at the same level as those of the homologues from Western countries. Also, our specialists are registered and accredited by the Romanian Dental Board.

Questions about treatments and procedures

A dental implant is a small titanium screw, which is used as a replacement for the missing tooth root. The implant is fixed into the arch bone (maxillary or mandibular ). In time, it will be well fixed into the bone (it is osseointegrated) and it will serve as an anchor for the future porcelain tooth. Dental implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth.
With more than 3 decades of experience in dentistry and with many millions of patients treated, the statistics confirms a success rate of approximately 95 % for the individual implants and even higher for dental bridges. The results based on implants and dental bridges attest a long operating period.
Any patient who has one or more missing teeth, for various reasons, injury, illness or fall, may be a candidate for a dental implant. The only impediments are the amount of available bone and the patients health status. Our specialists are able to evaluate whether the dental implant is a viable solution for you.
The Smile Design concept is applied before the aesthetic treatments that involves changes to the physiognomy of the patients. This modern concept, developed for the first time in California, USA, has brought a radical change to dental procedures in general and to the restorative and prosthodontic treatments in particular. A few years ago, the patient was forced to see and accept a prosthetic work or another type of treatment only after the teeth were already drilled or the work was finished in the laboratory, only small corrections being possible like shape or color, but without being possible the returning to the initial situation. With this concept we give to our patients the opportunity to pre-view the final result of the suggested treatment, before any of their teeth have been touched by the dental drill, before the implants have been applied, or before we've started working on the prosthodontic work proper.
Whitening treatments are applied to the patients with healthy teeth or to those who have achieved all dental restorative or prosthetic treatment absolutely necessary. We believe that whitening treatment performed to these patients will provide a brighter smile and will be an asset to their social and professional affirmation.
There are two methods of whitening: in the office and at home. More and more patients request whitening treatments, those made in the office are the most frequently requested. The on-site whitening treatments (also called in-office or Chairside bleaching) offers to our patients immediate results, in an one hour session the luminosity of your teeth can be changed by up to 16 shades. The Dentaturism Center program is using the most modern whitening procedures involving a Zoom lamp made by Discus Dental USA. The whitening procedure is always applied under isolation with a dental dam (a special rubber foil), in order to protect the soft tissues. The whitening treatments performed at the patient's residence are another alternative that yields extremely good results. The whitening material in the form of a gel is applied in bleaching trays that the patients wear for 4-8 hours each night over a 1-2 week period.
If it is a single tooth with a crown destruction caused by a cavity or by a fracture, which is limited or average, we can rebuild the tooth crown by a direct restoration (filling) using light-curing composite made by the doctor in the office under rubber dam isolation. If the destruction is extended or the tooth presents other associated pathology , our dental technicians will make an indirect restoration in our own laboratory. We can do : ceramic inlays, composite inlays, overlays, composite or ceramic veneers. If there is a risk of fracture to the tooth which has a cavity, placing a dental crown it is recommended.
The crowns can be made in our laboratory from numerous materials, the most biological ones being all-ceramic crowns without metallic holder. An alternative is the metal-ceramic crown used in patients who requires them either for their low price or for their traditional resistance given by a metal infrastructure over which the ceramic is layered. The metal cap has 0.3 mm thickness and can be made either from noble alloy, which has the advantage of being biocompatible , being totally inert towards the marginal periodontium, or not from noble alloy. The metallic skeleton of these works can be also obtained by CAD/CAM computerized drilling which increases the accuracy of marginal adaptation.

Administrative questions

Low-costs flights are available through a large number of airlines and you can study them on their sites (, and We do not take care of your flight reservation, but we do our best to provide you as many details as we can and useful links so you can buy cheap flight tickets to Cluj-Napoca.
The more earlier you make your reservation, the less you will pay for flight ticket. We recommend you to make your reservation with at least one month earlier before the treatment date in order to obtain a favorable price.
A representative from the administrative department of the Dentaturism Ceneter program will meet you at the airport at your arrival and will take care of your transportation to the accommodation place chosen by you or directly to our clinic depending at the time of your arrival.
A week is enough for most treatments which involves prosthetic works procedures composed by porcelain crowns or dental bridges. For complex surgical treatments like sinus lift it is needed a 2 weeks period if the treatment is bilateral( left and right). Dental implants require 2 or 3 treatment phases (steps) during 5-7 days for phase 1- the surgical phase, implantation of the titanium screw and requires a comeback after a break of approximately 4-6 months for healing and osteointegration.
No, you will not have any difficulties because you will be permanently assisted by a translator, and the clinic staff has knowledge of English, French and Spanish.
We accept Euro, dollars and pounds. Also, another form of payment is the payment with the credit card, we accept both Visa, MasterCard and American Express. For this payment method please specify early this and ask for our acceptance when you contact us. dollareuropound visamastercardamerican-express
The sooner, the better, but we need at least 4 weeks in order to organize your treatment program and hotel reservation.
You can request a treatment estimation by filling the special dedicated form, writing to us at the email address listed on the contact details section, talking directly to us using Yahoo or Skype chat service or by calling to the displayed number.
Please ask any questions regarding our services and everything you want to know. Our administrative staff will handle all Dentaturism Center program details and will evaluate all your present requests or any request that you might have later. Do not hesitate to contact us.


The most economic metal-ceramic, all-ceramic, implants crowns and dentures

Metal-ceramica crown Cr-Co

Metal-ceramica crown Cr-Co

Price for a metal-ceramic crown: 180 €/tooth

Full ceramic crown

Full ceramic crown

Price all ceramic crown: 250 €/tooth

Zirconium crown

Zirconium crown

Price for a zirconium crown: 250 €/tooth

All on 4 treatment

All on 4 treatment

Price "All on 4": 3000 €/arch
Price "All on 6": 4400 €/arch

The best treatment with MIS dental implants 

The treatment with implants is carried out in 2 or 3 phases, according to the characteristics and particularities of each case.The dental implant is made of 2 components:

The titanium screw

titanthis represents the body of the implant and it is inserted into the bone as an artificial root for the tooth.

The abutment + Crown

abutmentThe abutment connects the crown with the titanium screw, all together perform the functions of natural teeth

Total 550 €

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