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Periodontitis is a gum infection which left untreated can cause teeth loss


Periodontitis – known as paradontosis is a gum disease and of the bone which surrounds the teeth and it leads to teeth loss even if these are intact, apparently healthy and they do not have cavities. Certain types of bacterium are responsible for the appearance of this disease. Insufficient oral hygiene associated with smoking or with certain general diseases creates the perfect conditions for these bacteriums to grow in the mouth. In depth, the bacterium penetrates along the root surface destroying the bone that sustains the teeth roots. This bone loss if it is not stopped in time with specific treatment can cause teeth loss.

Periodontal diseases treatment does not depend only on experience and qualification of the dentist. An essential factor in the success of the treatment is the honest cooperation between the dentist and patient and his consistency in maintaining a strict oral hygiene.

The initial therapy

Based on periodontal prophylaxis includes noninvasive dental procedures which have as a goal either preventing the worsening of the disease or stabilization of the infectious processes before some surgical interventions:

  • microbial plaque control – patient education regarding oral hygiene good habits forming, learning the proper dental brushing technique, flossing and using other specific accessories ( interdental brushes, mouthwash)
  • scaling and root gliding – efficient teeth cleaning by scaling, professional brushing  and oral showers with chlorhexidine
  • strategic extractions -   removing the unrecoverable teeth by early extraction allows healing of alveoli and a better control of plaque

Surgical intervention therapy

aims to create an irretentive dental arch by reducing periodontal pockets and eliminating furcation injuries:

  • gingivectomy – by this procedure it is removed hypertrophied tissue and it is being applied for suprabony periodontal pockets and for fibrous or increased gingival tissue
  • subgingival curettage – by this procedure the doctor makes an incision and removes the granular tissue with curette
  • gingivoplasty– it is usually applied with gingivectomy and through this procedure the gum tissue is reshaped
  • bone induction – means repairing bone defects by adding some materials such as ceramic, cartilage, bone taken from another part of the body  
  • bone resection – is intended to reshape the bone in order to become a good basis for gingival attachment and to eliminate periodontal pockets
  • furcation lesions treatment – consist in remodeling the bone of that tooth by cutting the latter tooth and removing half of it
  • guided tissue regeneration – deteriorated soft or hard tissues are replaced with biocompatible materials which stimulates tissue regeneration


The most economic metal-ceramic, all-ceramic, implants crowns and dentures

Metal-ceramica crown Cr-Co

Metal-ceramica crown Cr-Co

Price for a metal-ceramic crown: 180 €/tooth

Full ceramic crown

Full ceramic crown

Price all ceramic crown: 250 €/tooth

Zirconium crown

Zirconium crown

Price for a zirconium crown: 250 €/tooth

All on 4 treatment

All on 4 treatment

Price "All on 4": 3000 €/arch
Price "All on 6": 4400 €/arch

The best treatment with MIS dental implants 

The treatment with implants is carried out in 2 or 3 phases, according to the characteristics and particularities of each case.The dental implant is made of 2 components:

The titanium screw

titanthis represents the body of the implant and it is inserted into the bone as an artificial root for the tooth.

The abutment + Crown

abutmentThe abutment connects the crown with the titanium screw, all together perform the functions of natural teeth

Total 550 €

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