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Benefits & Services of Dentaturism - The Best Dental Tourism Programme Abroad

What is it, how did it appear, where is it located and why do patients choose it?

What is Dentaturism?

A dental tourism service programme designed especially for the patients around the world. We provide the highest quality dental services, in accordance with European standards, within an integrated system of advice and counselling services revolving around the acute need for high-quality, human and affordable dental care and assistance.

female patient showing thumbs up after a successful dental treatment

How did the idea of dental tourism services come about?

It all began in the spring of 2009, when the founder Iosif Kerekes decided to develop a business in the dental tourism sector. With over ten years’ experience in sales and taking advantage of the fact that he speaks four languages (English, Spanish, Italian and French), he felt the opportunity of a business in a niche area and so he came up with the idea of making a website to promote an integrated system of dental treatments services through a personalized program worldwide. With an initial investment of about $50 for the purchase of the internet domain and for the webhosting, after more than six months of work and tests, in January 2010 the first version of the website was launched with content in five languages (English, Spanish , Italian, French and Romanian). Almost two years later, the concept of the Dentatourism Programme took shape and, with the signing of the partnership with the Alb Studio clinic - a high-performance dental centre having its own dental laboratory, covering a wider range of procedures and treatments - we established the Dentaturism Center company in September. Things evolved gradually and the Dentaturism Programme gained the trust of more and more patients, achieving an excellent reputation in the dental tourism service sector.

Florin  Alb and Iosif Kerekes while explaining the details of the treatment plan to a patient

To a large extent, the programme’ s success was due to the fact that from the very beginning, in 2009, the entire structure of this project was based on the idea - still core today - that our priority was and had to remain the patient. The further evolution and development of the programme has been a natural consequence of this philosophy, trying each time to put ourselves in the patients' shoes before choosing the right treatment solution for their needs and thus developing a mechanism that continued to be reinforced even after the 2015 changes in the shareholding of the sole partner, Alb Studio.

Where is it located?

The Dentaturism Programme operates in partnership with the Alb Studio dental clinic, as a special department designed as part of a joint project with clear goals set for the next 30 years. In order to benefit from the dental tourism services of the Dentaturism programme you need to travel to Romania, to the city of Cluj-Napoca, one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. Cluj-Napoca is a strong university and medical centre in the central part of Transylvania, the most famous region in Romania.

Why do patients choose the Dentaturism Programme?

First of all because caring for the patients, prioritising their real needs, is the motivation behind all our decisions. It is the attitude that has helped us build an excellent reputation, earning the appreciation of patients all over the world. The dental tourism programme Dentaturism has become the bridge between every patient's dream and the reality of a healthy smile, meeting people's need for quality, humane and affordable healthcare and assistance.

male patient smiling after an All on 6 dental treatment

Since its creation in 2009, the entire structure of this dental tourism programme has been built around a simple philosophy: "Patient first". The evolution and development of the programme over all these years is a natural consequence of implementing this philosophy, always trying to put ourselves in the patients' shoes before choosing the right treatment solution for their needs.

Last but not least, because you save time and money. Choosing the Dentaturism programme you can save up to 60-70% of the cost of similar treatments or procedures without compromising on quality. You pay less for a dental treatment that is qualitatively similar, maybe even better, and that is completed in a maximum of seven days.

Low cost treatment does not mean poor quality

The reason for the lower cost of dental treatments is low labour costs. However, this does not influence the quality of dental care services. The high quality of dental treatments and prosthetic works is due to the professionalism of the entire team of dental care specialists, assistants and technicians, as well as to the high level of professional training obtained through participation in international training and specialisation courses, certified by titles and accreditations equivalent to those of their counterparts in the Western countries. Last but not least, the highest quality of the materials used and the dental centre's state-of-the-art equipment, in accordance with European standards and norms, complement the expertise of our specialists, providing the comfort and safety that all patients seek in dental tourism services.

Some Cases
Before & After

Click on the picture to see the difference

male patient smiling after All on 6 treatment

All On 6

male patient smiling after dental treatment hollywood smile


example of teeth with veneers


male patient smiling after dental treatment with metal-ceramic bridge


teeth covered with e-max crowns

E-Max Crowns

    The reputation of the Dentaturism is the mark that we leave on our journey through life!

    Given that we live in a time when the medical culture is changing continuously, and it pays increasing attention to the exigencies of the business world, the Dentaturism programme has succeeded in facilitating patients’ access to quality dental tourism services abroad based on the empathy and compassion characteristic of humane care, an increasingly rare model.

    We believe that in the field of dental care, reputation is essential. It is the imprint we leave on our journey through life, which is why, more than once, we had to refuse approaching a case from the patient’s perspective because we could not accept acting against the philosophy of the Dentaturism programme.

    For example, we had patients requesting multiple extractions, sometimes involving clinically healthy teeth, for aesthetic reasons. Because the patient's wishes clashed with the medical principles and our values, we had to refuse, even if the treatment would have brought us a net financial gain. This attitude has helped us over the years to build an excellent reputation, earning the appreciation and gratitude of patients all over the world.

    With Trust we Can
    do Great Things!

    google 5 stars business reviews logo
    faceboo 5 stars rating
    A few reviews from Google and Facebook about the experiences lived by the patients who have been accessed the dental tourism services of Dentaturism Programme.

    How a typical treatment session go through Dentaturism?

    Imagine your treatment session like a journey from your status as a patient with dental issues to a generous goodbye meal.

    That’s right, at the end of the programme we invite you to dinner! But now let’s see the phases of your journey to the heart of Transylvania.

    1. Arriving in Cluj-Napoca

    Once you step out of the arrivals terminal gate at the airport, you will be welcomed by a Dentaturism representative who will transfer you to and from the airport. He/she will have a sign or a tablet with your name written on the screen. He/she will accompany you to your car and, time permitting, together you will go directly to the clinic for your first consultation, or to your hotel if it is too late in the day.

    2. First consultation

    On your first visit to our clinic you will need to fill in several documents and forms containing details of your general health, and you will undergo the necessary radiological investigations. You will then be invited to sit in a dental chair for an initial consultation to assess your dental condition, followed by a conversation with the specialist in order to understand your short- and long-term needs and preferences regarding possible treatment solutions, frequency of treatment, time available to see the dentist, pain tolerance and last but not least the financial possibilities.

    3. Final treatment plan

    At the end of these procedures, the dental specialists will draw up the final treatment plan, together with the corresponding estimate. If there are any differences between the initial and final estimates, you will be given full details and the reasons. You will receive the necessary counselling, with detailed clarification of all the information related to the procedures required for the intervention and a step-by-step presentation of the proposed treatment plan, to make sure that you are ready to start the treatment from all points of view, but especially emotionally. If you have chosen to stay at one of our partner hotels located in the vicinity of the dental centre, then for each scheduled procedure you will be transferred from the hotel to the clinic and back to the hotel.

    After this discussion, as soon as you have agreed and signed for the start of treatment, you will receive a detailed daily schedule of the planned interventions.

    If you have chosen to stay at one of our partner hotels located in the vicinity of the dental centre, then for each scheduled procedure you will be transferred from the hotel to the clinic and back to the hotel.

    We try to meet the needs of our patients as best we can, but considering that up to ten patients may be scheduled in a day, it would be physically impossible for us to manage their transfer if each of them opted to stay in ten different hotels throughout the city. For this treason, the hotel-to-clinic transfer service is only available if you choose one of the partner hotels offered as accommodation option.

    4. Treatment procedure

    Once you have decided to undergo the treatment, please consider that before starting the medical procedures, we need you to pay a 50% deposit of the total cost of the procedures and treatments planned for the treatment session, with the remaining balance to be paid at the end of the treatment session/phase.

    Please also bear in mind that there may be occasions when changes are made to the treatment plan during the course of the procedures, for various reasons beyond our control. For example, during a dental implant treatment, the specialist surgeon may find that in the area prepared for the titanium screw (implant) the bone does not meet the minimum necessary conditions expected initially, leading to the need of performing bone grafting and a special implant which, thanks to their properties, reduce the risks and maximise the success rate of the treatment.

    These situations are rather rare, however they cannot be foreseen, therefore the treatment plan and its cost will be amended and you will receive detailed clarification about the situation.

    We will proceeded only with your consent related to these changes in the treatment plan.

    5. End of treatment session and final payment

    Once the treatment session is over, you will receive a detailed bill to check for possible errors and the final payments will be made, if applicable. Payments can be made in cash - in RON (Romanian currency), EUR or USD, or by card (Mastercard, Visa), as you prefer.

    On this occasion you will receive recommendations and guidance on the period between sessions, if you undergo a multi-stage treatment, as well as on possible precautions and instructions for the maintenance of the new prosthetic works.

    Before you leave, we will schedule a final consultation for a final check to make sure everything is in order, after which you will return home.

    But before you leave, you will be our guest to a goodbye meal between friends. You and your companion throughout the treatment session will be invited to dinner!

    6. Returning home

    Just like on your arrival in Cluj-Napoca, when you return home you will be transferred to the airport free of charge, thanks to the transfer service from the hotel to the airport provided by our representative who will pick you up at the hotel at the agreed time.

    This article was written by:

    Iosif Kerekes

    Iosif is the founder of Dentaturism & Patient Care Specialist. In 2009 at the age of 33, after a career of more than 10 years in retail in various fields (FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Tobacco, Construction) he decided to initiate the Dentaturism project. Thanks to his language skills in English, Spanish, Italian and French, aided by his experience and communication skills, and not least thanks to an empathetic and compassionate patient-centred approach, the Dentaturism Programme has evolved under his guidance, gaining the trust of more and more patients, thus earning an excellent reputation and recognition for its integrated personalised dental tourism services.

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