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All on 4/6 (four/six)
Fixed Teeth In A Day
immediate loading dental
implants treatment

"I wish I was able to do it sooner!
I should have done this many years ago!"

Hi! I'm Iosif,

Patient Care Manager at Dentaturism Programme

My job is to ensure that patients get the best care possible. And so far I think I have successfully fulfilled this responsibility since that the words above represents the only regrets I heard from patients who accessed the Dentaturism Programme.

Often people who have had infections from the teeth say that they feel healthier, have more energy, their skin even feels healthier from getting rid of all their teeth infections. 

Patients who had dentures before this treatment can suddenly feel the roof of their mouth and can bite into an apple. They don't need to worry about their dentures falling out when they sneeze. These are the aims of this treatment, and if done correctly these are also the results.

So how can you put a price on your health and quality of life? How about being able to bite into an apple, chewing all kinds of food without pain from crumbly teeth, smiling with absolute confidence and being proud of your smile?

Sky Fast & Fixed treatment
by Bredent Germany

An excellent "All on four / six" solution with the best cost-quality ratio

Sky fast & fixed is an excellent treatment option for patients who need a total reconstruction in the upper jaw and the lower jaw with a new set of fixed teeth on implants in just a single day. 

Total bimaxillary reconstruction

Starting at 2990 €

per arch, this "All-on-4/6" dental procedure, also known as "Teeth in a Day," is a revolutionary concept designed to improve the patients quality of life with a fixed set of replacement teeth using only four (4 for lower jaw) and six (6 for upper jaw) strategically placed dental implants.

patient smiling together with Dentaturism team

The advantages of Sky fast & fixed treatment:

  • Immediate Results: The patients can leave the dental office with a complete set of functioning temporary teeth on the same day as the implants placement.

  • Can be used in cases with poor bone quality: All-on-4/6 technique eliminates the need for bone grafting by maximizing the existing bone structure.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics and Functionality: Improve the patient's ability to eat and speak. The fixed prosthetic temporary bridge prevents slipping or discomfort, allowing patients to eat, speak, and smile confidently

  • Cost-Effective: Is usually more cost-effective than placing a separate implant for each missing tooth. This can significantly reduce overall treatment costs.

Some Cases
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  • All On 6


  • Veneers

  • Bridges

  • E-Max Crowns

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    do great things!

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    All on 4 / 6
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    Features and Benefits

    We provide the highest quality dental services, in accordance with European standards, within an integrated system of care and support services, revolving around the acute need for high-quality, human and affordable dental treatment and assistance.

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    "A better world with every smile we create is the story we write together with our patients"
    Iosif Kerekes

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    "Access Dentaturism NOW and you will be able to feel the roof of your mouth and bite out of the mighty apple , or you will continue to worry that your dentures will fall out every time you sneeze."

    Iosif Kerekes - Dentaturism Founder and Patient Care Manager

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is "All on 4/6" procedure?

    The All-on-four dental treatment, also known as "Teeth in a Day," is a revolutionary concept designed to provide patients with a fixed set of replacement teeth using only four strategically placed dental implants per arch. 

    What is "Sky fast & fixed" concept?

    An "All on four" system solution with the best cost-quality ratio, developed by the German implants company named Bredent. This revolutionary concept is designed to improve the patients quality of life through a total reconstruction in the upper and the lower jaw with a new set of fixed acrylic temporary teeth on 4 or 6 implants, in just a single day.

    6 implants in the upper jaw and 4 implants on the lower jaw, sky fast & fixed
    Really? In just one day?

    YES! Sky fast & fixed treatment concept offers the exciting possibility of entering our practice with a full arch of missing teeth and leaving with a complete set of sparkling new fixed temporary teeth, in just a few hours.

    6 implants in the upper jaw and 4 implants on the lower jaw, sky fast & fixed
    Can you describe a typical "All on 4/6" procedure?
    • Initial Assessment: The journey begins with a thorough examination of the patient's oral health, including X-rays, CT scans, and impressions. This assessment helps the dental team plan the precise placement of the implants.
    • Implant Placement: During the procedure, four or six implants are strategically positioned in the jawbone. The rear implants are typically placed at an angle to maximize stability and take advantage of available bone.
    • Temporary Prosthesis: A temporary set of teeth, often referred to as an immediate load prosthesis, is attached to the implants on the same day of the surgery. This allows patients to leave the dental office with a fully functional smile.
    • Healing and Final Restoration: Over the next few months, the implants integrate with the bone, providing a strong foundation for the final prosthesis. Once the healing process is complete, the temporary prosthesis is replaced with a custom-designed, permanent one.
    Who is "All on 4/6 suitable for?

    If you send us a recent copy of a panoramic X-ray we will be able to estimate 90% of your suitability for this type of treatment. 

    The All-on-4 treatment concept offers numerous benefits, but not everyone is an ideal candidate. Some factors such as overall health, bone density, and some specific oral conditions may affect the patient candidacy for this type of treatment. A comprehensive consultation on your first visit to our clinic is essential to decide one hundred percent if this treatment is suitable for you. 

    I'm interested! Where do I start?

    Please send us a copy of a recent panoramic X-ray, by email or by filling in the special form under "Contact" section and describe in a few words your needs.

    After receiving this information our dental specialists will analyse the data and, as soon as they agree on the diagnosis, they will draw up a treatment plan containing your timetable for the "All on 4/6" procedure.

    6 implants in the upper jaw and 4 implants on the lower jaw, sky fast & fixed

    Quality treatments at
    affordable prices


    metal-ceramic Cr-Co


    zirconium CAD/CAM


    E-Max, full ceramic




    Stark (German), the most economical implant


    Bredent (German)


    Biotech Kontact (French)
    Implantul Staumann


    Straumann / Nobel Biocare


    Sky Fast & Fixed Bredent

    (All on 6)

    Sky Fast & Fixed Bredent

    (All on 4)

    Straumann ProArch

    (All on 6)

    Straumann ProArch

    (All on 4)

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