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DentaturismVisionReasons behind our existence

And which drive us to make every effort

Dentaturisim vision is based on three essential components

  • The Mission - The fundamental goal
  • Future plans - list of OBJECTIVES set in the short, medium and long term

The mission, along with the fundamental principles/values shared by the members of the organisation, make up the Dentaturism ideology.

This ideology defines the reliability of our organisation and it maintains the integrity of the Dentaturism programme as it develops.

By aligning the ideology with the strategic goals to drive progress, according to the planned future, we created the Dentaturism Vision.


“The fundamental goal, the Dentaturism mission, is to improve the patients quality of life.”

Iosif Kerekes

We aim at becoming a benchmark of professionalism and reliability, and at setting a standard in the field of dental care services, with a main focus on the real needs and expectations of the patients worldwide.


Our core values represent the essential and enduring principles shared by our team members. They are timeless guiding principles with intrinsic value that define us as individuals and require no external justification.
valorile si principiile dentaturism


We look for approaches that bring satisfaction in what we do. For us, passion is an important ingredient which, together with professionalism, we believe can change patients' lives for the better. We strive to provide people with the most appropriate dental care and we believe that work is a person's calling card.


We offer treatments that are tailored to patients' real needs. Every time we try to put ourselves in their shoes and ask ourselves how we would like to be treated if we were the patient. Although it sounds cliché, the slogan “Patient first” is the motivation behind every decision we make.


We always do what we promise. We have principles as solid as zirconium, our word is our currency, and our reputation is the mark we leave on our journey through life.


    Our short-term goal is to develop a complex organizational structure, based on competence and values according to the programme’s ideology, able to cope with any flow of patients who will benefit from dental treatments at the highest standards by combining professionalism, experience and dedication of specialized staff with technical equipment and modern treatment methods.

    As a time horizon, we aim at becoming leaders in the field of dental tourism services in Romania by 2030 and European leaders in the dental tourism services sector by 2040.

    The ultimate goal is that by 2050 we will become world leaders in the field of dental tourism services, and that the Dentaturism programme will be synonymous with dental tourism.

    Until 2030

    Number 1 in Romania

    The short-term goal is to become a leader in the field of dental tourism services in Romania
    Until 2040

    Number 1 in Europe

    The medium-term goal is to become European leaders in the field of dental tourism services
    Until 2050

    World leader

    The ultimate goal is to become world leaders in the field of dental tourism services, and to make the reputation of the Dentatourism brand synonymous with dental tourism.

    We Are Always Focused on The Patients’ Needs

    We try to "walk in our patients’ shoes" and imagine how we would like to be treated
    "Inizierò con una “costruttiva” sono troppo bravi. Il primo contatto telefonico con Sig. Iosif Kerekes , gentile, disponibile, preparato nella comunicazione e mediazione socio-culturale. Un buon organizzatore, empatico in sintonia con le richieste dei clienti. Sono stato preso in carica da lui all’interno della clinica, quindi come punto di riferimento è stato sempre lui. Nel decorso dei 8 mesi di trattamento si è reso sempre disponibile, e per qualsiasi problema è riuscito a risolverla. Quindi un buon manager nella gestione di stress del cliente e di “problem solving”. La squadra hanno svolto un lavoro impeccabile con apparecchiature di ultima generazione ad un livello di altissima professionalità ed umanità. Il risultato finale è stato sopra le mie aspettative! Grazie di cuore a tutto lo staff! Buone feste a tutti voi!"
    Cezar Neculae - Italia
    "Esperienza molto positiva e professionale"
    Benedetto Mele - Ravena, Italia
    "Come gli altri pazienti anche io mi sono trovato molto bene ...ottima struttura personale qualificato sono rimasto molto soddisfatto e consiglio a tutti il centro"
    Luigi Preziosi - Italia
    "Después de haber estado mirando varios presupuestos y formas de hacerlo me arriesgue y decidí irme a Rumanía. Allí he conocido a unos grandes profesionales.mi estancia en Rumanía ha sido muy agradable y satisfactoria he salido muy contento del trabajo realizado"
    Ildefonso Salas Nuñez - Taragona, España
    "Sono solo alla prima fase ma volevo comunque ringraziarvi tutti... mi sono trovato benissimo, molto professionali, gentili, onesti.... quasi quasi non vedo l'ora di ritornare!"
    Kristiano Nieddu - Italia
    "Grazie tanto per accoglienza e gentileza di tutto personale. Grazie anche per la profesionalita."
    Liliana Dumitru - Bologna, Italia
    "Pilar, mis más felicitaciones al equipo por ser tan profesionales y amables. Vengo de España y estoy muy contenta con el trabajo hecho. Espero volver y recomendar a los amigos y conocidos para que vuelvan a esta clínica, no sé cómo dar las gracias por todo."
    Pilar Sarasate - San Sebastián, España
    "Je suis venue de France sans trop connaitre mais le cabinet aurrait une bonne réputation sur le net. Le dentiste Florin est enseignant à l’université. Et bien, j’ai vraiment de la chance. Le travail est impeccable !!! L’équipe séreuse et ton le monde est aux petits souris Une mention spéciale à Josef qui me transporte par tout et qui est vraiment à l’ecoute de mes besoins. Je pense revenir ici en cas de besoin et je n’hésiterai pas à faire savoir la valeur de ce cabinet. Amicalement Djamila Niar"
    Niar Djamila - Paris, France
    "Doy muchas gracias a este equipo de profesionales por el trabajo magnifico que me hicieron y por el trato personal. Si alguien tiene dudas o quiere más información acerca de este programa dental, aquí dejo mi e-mail sin ningún tipo de compromiso: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."
    José Luis Castrillón Chapela - Vigo, España
    "I was very pleased with the dental treatment I received at Dentaturism in Cluj-Napoca. I would highly recommended it to anyone who is in search of clinic offering highly professional services at an affordable price. The dental work I received consisted of many crowns, bridges and an extraction and was completed in less than a week. I was properly sedated at all times and any tooth in need of a crown was thorougly treated prior to adding the crown. The staff was very friendly, caring and professional; everything was done to make sure that I felt comfortable and relaxed while receiving treatment. My brother-in-law, who is a retired and experienced dental prosthesist was very much impressed with the work as all my teeth looked very nice and above of all natural!My stay was also a very pleasant experience; I felt very safe and well taken care of from the moment I arrived at the airport to the moment I was dropped-off at the airport to go back home. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this experience!"
    Dominique Glaub - Seattle, USA
    "nuestras impresiones y agrado con la programa Dentaturism en Cluj Napoca son 100% positivas, soy española y fui hacerme ocho implantes y su correspondiente aparato, todo ello en tres viajes y en todos ellos el trato ha sido muy correcto y el trabajo muy profesional, todos los que han colaborado y participado en mi caso han sido muy muy profesionales. lo mismo mi hijo que se hizo varias caries, todo perfecto.sin mas solo decir que recomiendo sin pensar ir a esta clinica a realizarse cualquier tratamiento dental porque en mi caso he quedado muy satisfecha."
    Maria Luz Lopez - La Rioja, España

      Quality treatments at
      affordable prices


      metal-ceramic Cr-Co


      zirconium CAD/CAM


      E-Max, full ceramic




      Stark (German), the most economical implant


      Bredent (German)


      Biotech Kontact (French)
      Implantul Staumann


      Straumann / Nobel Biocare


      Sky Fast & Fixed Bredent

      (All on 6)

      Sky Fast & Fixed Bredent

      (All on 4)

      Straumann ProArch

      (All on 6)

      Straumann ProArch

      (All on 4)

      Business hours :

      • Monday
        09:00 - 21:00
      • Tuesday
        09:00 - 21:00
      • Wednesday
        09:00 - 21:00
      • Thursday
        09:00 - 21:00
      • Friday
        09:00 - 21:00
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