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Dentaturism Center program includes a system of integrated dental services


Dentaturism Center is a program specially designed for foreign patients and it contains a system of integrated dental services which includes both dental treatment and administrative component afferent for its.

Elite specialists

Aesthetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry with the greatest impact on the personality of the individual therefore, we have decided to pay a special attention to our relation with the patients. Time is a precious thing, therefore  Dentaturism Center program provides you an integrated system in which the patient does no longer need to go from radiology center to dental office, than to the dental technician or possibly to surgery clinic or to the orthodontist.

Through Dentaturism Center program you can benefit of all type of modern treatments available today, because we created a team composed of doctors which are specialized in several domains like

  • general dentistry
  • implantology
  • surgery
  • orthodontics
  • aesthetic dentistry

closelly assisted by a team of dental ceramists which in any second can come and see your case and choose the right color, while you are seating comfortable in dental chair.

Perfect organization

We know that for taking advantage of quality treatment and the relaxing atmosphere and modern design inspired by the clinic is required to make a trip to Romania in Cluj-Napcoca, therefore the administrative team will take care of all the details, organizing step by step every minute that you will spend in Dentaturism Center program since the moment that you confirmed and accepted the treatment plan.

A representative of administrative department from Dentaturism Center program will meet you at the airport when you arrive in Cluj-Napoca and he will take care of your transportation to the hotel or to the accommodation place which you have chosen. You will receive a mobile phone through which you will be able to communicate permanently with medical and administrative staff, 24 h from 24, for any problem or necessity that could appear. Throughout the treatment period we will provide you the transportation from the hotel to the clinic and reverse as often as it will be necessary. 

The dentistry at the highest level requires a continuous improvement of medical and administrative personnel, therefore knowing a foreign language is a must in any resume of our team member, so you don't have to be concerned about communication difficulties. The clinic staff has English, French and Spanish skills and for the patients from Italy and Germany we have auxiliary staff employed as a translator.

Dentaturism Center is a unique program, designed and organized based on the patients needs, developed by a team of specialists formed by valuable people, passionate about their work.

Iosif Kerekes

The most economic metal-ceramic, all-ceramic, implants crowns and dentures

Metal-ceramica crown Cr-Co

Metal-ceramica crown Cr-Co

Price for a metal-ceramic crown: 180 €/tooth

Full ceramic crown

Full ceramic crown

Price all ceramic crown: 250 €/tooth

Zirconium crown

Zirconium crown

Price for a zirconium crown: 250 €/tooth

All on 4 treatment

All on 4 treatment

Price "All on 4": 3000 €/arch
Price "All on 6": 4400 €/arch

The best treatment with MIS dental implants 

The treatment with implants is carried out in 2 or 3 phases, according to the characteristics and particularities of each case.The dental implant is made of 2 components:

The titanium screw

titanthis represents the body of the implant and it is inserted into the bone as an artificial root for the tooth.

The abutment + Crown

abutmentThe abutment connects the crown with the titanium screw, all together perform the functions of natural teeth

Total 550 €

Travel abroad to Cluj-Napoca at the most modern and professional dental center from Romania


Our program in three essential steps

Dentaturism Center program step-by-step guide, from completing the estimation form to the last consultation and returning home


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Smile again

Smile again

Dentaturism Center is the only program with integrated dental services that will bring you a beautiful and natural smile


What patients say about the quality of Dentaturism Center program

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